Thoughts About the Retreat

Growing in Faith Together

The Retreats put on by Your Holy Family have been life-changing for our family. Our relationship as a married couple has grown, and we have gained insight into new ways to relate to each other and to our children. We’ve grown in our individual prayer and faith lives, as well as growing in our united prayer and faith journeys. Our children have enjoyed the true, restorative, family time, uninterrupted by technology and the hustle and bustle of daily life. Your Holy Family has encouraged and challenged us as Catholics. Our faith is our top priority, and raising our children to be Saints is of utmost importance.  The family retreats allow us to focus on that goal and building lasting plans for continuing to nourish our souls. On top of that, we have fun! We spend time praying together, and also playing together! The activity choices are wonderful and bonding opportunities abound! We continue to invite friends to join our family on retreat, and all have been so happy they have! We have created friendships with other families on retreat that have proven to be quite beautiful. 

— Jerry and Abigail Ahrens; Austin, TX


Engaging in Family Life

Our family loves to have fun together! We love spending time together and doing new things together and playing together. We’re decently good at praying together. But there is something very special that comes when a family steps out of their home, is surrounded by other great families and God’s great beauty, and learns again what it means to do life together. To play and pray and learn and eat without having to think about prep or clean-up. To sit with familiar friends and chat with new friends. To know that we are not alone. To be fed by good food, food that nourishes our soul and sustains us for the journey. A family retreat with Your Holy Family Ministry was so, so good for our little family. Even the youngest ones had such a great, fun time! They remember our short weekend away out of all the places we’ve traveled and memories we’ve made. They still quote the priest, and sing the songs, and play the games they learned. They talk about the friends they met and how much fun it was to sleep in a bunkbed room. They remember the drive to and from, and the meals they ate, and the Masses and the special Adoration. Their entire person was engaged and ignited. Being at home is wonderful. Domestic Churches are what it is all about. But sometimes, we need to step away, find God together on retreat, and be refreshed when we enter back into our little worlds. Come away with your family. Find other families that are working hard to bring the Gospel to this broken world. Enjoy a weekend outdoors, and with the Sacraments, and with good talks. Fall in love again with your family!

— Barrett and Jessica Counts, and Clare, Francis, Genevieve, Dominic and Thomas; Galveston, TX


A Community of Families

I think the biggest testimony is that my 16 year old AND my 10 year old want to go back!  Tessa really wants to be part of the leadership and help in any way she can (especially with the younger kids). Being the baby of our family, she doesn’t get to be a leader often.

I totally enjoyed having time together as a family to relax, pray, and play.  I think it is also encouraging to our kids just to know that there are other families that want to make Jesus their Lord too. 

The accommodations were ideal for families (not so fancy they are cost prohibitive, but not camping).  Father’s talks were engaging and thought provoking.  Honestly, my favorite part was being away from the stresses of home as a family and not having to plan a single meal ALL weekend long.  

— Peggy Spies – Austin, TX